If you have excessive gum tissue around your teeth, our dentists may recommend a gingivectomy. Gingivectomy treatment is a procedure used to eliminate unneeded gum tissue. Call our office today at 415-922-3886 for more information about gingivectomy in San Francisco, California, and to schedule your appointment at Union Street Dental Care.

Sometimes, your gum tissue can be too thick and large, covering the tooth surface to the point that your teeth look short. This condition could occur because of medication, inflammation caused by gum disease, or by bone that extends too close to the surface of the teeth. When there is an excess of gum tissue, our dentists may perform a gingivectomy to remove the unneeded gum tissue from your mouth. They may remove it for cosmetic, functional, esthetic, or medical reasons.

When you receive a gingivectomy, our dentists will begin by anesthetizing the area or areas that need treatment. They will then use a scalpel blade, rotary instruments, or a laser to remove the excess tissue. In most cases, no stitches are required. The surgical sites will be sore for 1-2 days following the procedure. Medication will be provided or recommended to help alleviate any lingering discomfort or pain. We will make a follow-up appointment with you a week later to make sure that you are healing properly.

We invite you to call our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dintcho and Dr. Shapira and to learn more about gingivectomy treatments.